Think about a young lady meeting a fellow student and they decide to go to another country to a university together. But, from the time she hits the ground, nothing goes the way things were planned. The young lady could not have prepared herself for what does happen: the homelessness, the killings, and the plot to sell her. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" by Valerie Owens is the true story about a young graduate student's journey to the shores of Africa. It is an African experience like no other where you will read, laugh, cry, and learn the things suffered by both African-Americans and Africans. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" gives lots of real-life examples and thoughts about unique African events. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" exemplifies in simple language the details involved with being stranded for 28 days in the third world country of Nigeria Africa. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" will equip readers with information they can critically analyze. They can have a look at the issues that impact African-Americans and Africans in the past, in the present, and in the future. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" will provide readers with a platform to understand some parts of Africa and the Global economy. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" highlights the underlying reasons for the ongoing debate regarding democratization in the world. "America Huh! I'm Going Home" captures the dramatic differences in security and conflict in third world countries. Ultimately, "America Huh! I'm Going Home," shows the reader how consequences of an environment are a result of human activity.

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